Frequently Asked Questions


When will the home weatherization program open?
The program funder, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, has announced that 2014 funds will be available for veteran homeowners only.  If you or a member of your household is a veteran, if your income is low to moderate, and if you own your home: please call 256.238.6231 today to begin the pre-application process for home repairs and weatherization!


What can I do to help the homeless in our area?
Check out the Events Calendar for more information about Project Homeless Connect.  Donated materials are welcome at the event, as well as volunteer support.  Additionally, The Right Place accepts donations of toiletry items, socks, and portable snack items to distribute year-round.  Financial donations are also accepted and greatly appreciated.  Donations are tax deductible.


Why should I submit an application for permanent supportive housing (Duplex or Cottages)?
We are always accepting applications because we do maintain a Wait List and update it periodically.  Additionally, situations arise that result in immediate, unplanned vacancies.  With that in mind it may be beneficial to have an application on file, if you believe that you, or your client, meet the eligibility criteria.