The Right Place’s Permanent Supportive Housing units are located on Circle Drive in Anniston. The area has a memorable character and an easily discernible locale defined by its curvilinear layout of the street and sidewalks, accommodating multi-modal transportation. The shape of the geography and the position of the houses encourage human contact, promoting community involvement and helping to maintain a secure environment. The elevation and circular shape of the street provides traffic calming and safety for children and other users. The neighborhood is equipped with a variety of functional attributes that contribute to a resident's day-to-day living. It is within a three block proximity of an ACTS transit stop, Anniston Quality Health Care & Dental Center, Family Services Center, Interfaith Ministries, Anniston Soup Bowl, YMCA, All Saints Interfaith Center Of Concern, Southern Behavioral Health Associates, multiple mental health service providers, four Churches, Zinn Park, and The Right Place. And located within a half mile radius are both hospitals, multiple restaurants, two grocery stores, three pharmacies, a dozen Churches, a Temple, and a Mosque, five Banks, the Post Office, and all of downtown Anniston’s shopping district.

Unit Description

We currently have two rental units, each having two bedrooms and one bath, as shown in more detail on the Slideshow below. The property has been designed to include maintenance free exteriors, low VOC paint, heat reflective roof, low E windows, and Energy Star compliance throughout. Additionally, accessible design and construction features have been incorporated to meet visitability standards. Each unit has approximately 1350 square feet and is equipped with refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal, range/oven with vent hood, and a laundry niche with full-size washer/dryer.

Eligibility Criteria

The units are available for lease to families experiencing homelessness or “at risk of being homeless”, with a member of the family having a documented disability, and the total household income less than or equal to 50% of Area Median Income for the household size. Rents are restricted to ensure affordability.

Area Median Income

How To Apply

Any service provider that participates in the Homeless Coalition of North East Alabama (HCNEA), or any other provider that serves homeless and/or disabled consumers, can refer a consumer to our Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Program and provide services to them while they are a tenant.  We prefer applicants to be engaged with a Case Manager, but self-referrals are accepted and supportive services are available to consumers from our licensed Social Worker.

Service providers may submit an application for consumers who meet the above eligibility criteria, and are ready for housing1, The Right Place will make the final determination on the qualification of consumers.  To do this service providers and/or consumers, may complete and submit the PSH Application, along with the Homelessness Verification and the Disability Verification Forms.  All three forms are available under the Applications and Documents section located on our Resources page, or by request, and may be returned, by mailelectronically, or in person.  You are encouraged to thoroughly read each document because each case is unique and some may not be required to complete all three forms (i.e., proof of disability income [SSI, SSDI, VADC, VASMC, etc.] will suffice as Disability Verification).

[1] Ready is defined as “able to move in, with utilities on, within fourteen (14) days” and “capable of executing Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), including but not limited to, Managing finances; Handling transportation (driving or navigating public transit); Shopping; Preparing meals; Using the telephone and other communication devices; Managing medications; Housework and basic home maintenance OR have a care giver with the capacity to provide IADLs for the household”.

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